La Sort Hotel, Moraira

La Sort Hotel,. Moraira

La Sort Restaurant is the family's original business. Now they run the small 22 room boutique hotel, and Moll's Cafe as well. The La Sort Restaurant is close to the harbour in Moraira. Molls Cafe is attached to the hotel, and serves food through the day

La Sort Hotel, Anne Maries and Cosmopolite Moraira

La Sort Hotel, Anne Maries and Cosmopolite

They take pride in cooking fresh natural Mediterranean products such as fish, seafood and olive oil carefully selected from local suppliers. All these quality products bring out the best of their cooking and they are included in the Michelin Guide.

Good food at La Sort Restaurant

We have eaten in the restaurant three times, and on each occasion found the food very good but the service bordering on the rude. The atmosphere could not be described as intimate, and at their high prices my feeling is that there should be more care taken of the customer as well as the food.

La Sort Restaurant Moraira

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