Our own favourite 10 restaurants in and around Moraira

Our favourite restaurant in Moraira

View from the Restaurant Dauphin at Portet

This is a purely idiosyncratic list of our favourite 10 restaurants in and around Moraira. We eat out once a week at least in Moraira, and tend to mix between old favourites and trying new venues. Some of the better restaurants we just have not got round to trying (it may be that they are closed when we want to go, car parking difficult or whatever), other well known names we have tried, but personally just not liked enough to go back again (hospitality a bit offhand, gratuitous charging for extras, and so on)

If you asked a bunch of local residents, no doubt you would get a bunch of different answers to what their top 10 restaurants are. But these are ours!

They are marked with red markers on our restuarant map below. The map can been zoomed and moved using the buttons and pointers on the map

Le Dauphin at Playa del Portet. A Campsa recommended restaurant serving excellent food. It is owned by a Belgian couple. Spectacular sea views from the restaurant and laid-out terraces, and I mean spectacular. The restaurant looks out over El Portet beach.

Casa Cantó (Benissa). "And nobody can refuse to an Arròs Ximo, an Arròs de Senyoret, a Putxero de Polp or a Cruet de Peix (Casa Cantó’s specialities) Casa Cantó is a restaurant (the quality always ready to break out) with the particularity of offering an individual rice not mattering how many people have sat down to eat". Highly recommended by me.

Restaurant 11 offers incredible value for money. Dutch owned cafe and restaurant where contemporary flavors are combined to create a fresh and truly original menu. The kitchen is where top quality indigenous and seasonal ingredients provide inspiration for the Chef and his team

Ca Pepe C/ Haya, 51 - Moraira Tel: 965 74 33 11. The restaurant is in a side valley about 1.5 km from the centre of Moraira. The restaurant is surrounded by pine-trees, offers rustic architecture and interiors decorated in natural stone.

Piscis is a good Spanish restaurant in the centre of Moraira. The fish here is particularly good, and they start you off with a free glass of cava - at least they certainly do with us.

Pescador Special fresh fish dishes, directly in the Port of Moraira. C/Castell, 03724 Moraira Tel: 966 490 616

D'Gust is in Moraira town centre and run by a very enthusiastic and welcomin Spanish people. Elegant place settings, well laid out tables and a perfect atmosphere to enjoy a meal

Bella Dama in part of the Club Nautico in the Moraira marina. Very good food and a very agreeable place to take lunch on the varandah of the restaurant. They also have what they describe as a "chill out bar" upstairs in case you are in need of chilling out.

Terra Vina is a tucked away tapas wine bar, rather than a restaurant. The tapas are home make , and an ecclectic selection of wines by the glass is available. They also have combination trial offers from time to time, like 3 different sweet wines

Azur or Pulcinella or Tartana if all you want is a pizza, then these are the three plces we go to. It depends really on our mood as to which is the one for the moment. Not an aweful lot to chose between them, and all are to be recommended

Timon is right down at the sea at the marina at Les Bassetes, just outside Calpe on the coast road to Moraira. You do not get any closer to eating buy the sea than this. And there are views over to Calpe and the Peñón d’Ifach.

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