Fiestas in the Moraira and Teulada Area

Fiestas in the Moraira and Teulada Area

The Fiesta is part of the Spanish way of life and most fiestas have a religious or historical origin. In Moraira and the surrounding area the local patron saint and the Moors & Christians are usually the inspiration for a day off partying. The celebrations have singing and dancing and everybody has a jolly good time.

Fiestas are financed in part by the Town Hall and in part by both local businesses and the local people themselves.

Moraira Village Fiesta is to honour the patron saint of Moraira "La Virgén de los Desamparados" (The Virgin of the Helpless) and "La Virgén Carmen", protector of the fishermen. The festival is on July 15th and July 16th every year.

The fiesta in fact wends its way over 10 days of celebrations. Men and women wearing colourful traditional costumes parade through the streets, there are brass bands, open- dances, and bull running in the marina.

The main event is on the 16th July when the statue of the Virgin is carried from the Moraira church, around the town, and eventually out to sea to bless the fishermen whom she protects. Most of the local boats and yachts follow her out to sea. And to finish off proceedings suitably, a giant paella is served.

The Teulada Fiesta is in honour of St. Vicente Ferrer, the patron saint of Teulada, who was born and lived in the town. The fiesta is held around 15th April every year. With fewer foreigners and tourists in Teulada, the fiesta is more Spanish in character.

At the beginning of July, a religious fiesta takes place at La Font Santa (The Holy Fountain) which is between Moraira and Teulada. Saint Vicente Ferrer, according to legend, was walking between Alicante and Valencia. He was tired and thirsty but could not find water, but by chance his stick hit a rock, and from this rock water miraculously flowed out. The saint could both drink and bathe his weary feet. A tiny chapel marks the spot today and a small fountain still trickles from the rock.

La Fiesta del Moscatel is held at the end of August and is named after the local moscatel grape which is used to make Mistela wine. Much is sold under the brand name "Alone" by the aptly named "Cooperativa de San Vicente Ferrer". Mistela is a fortified sweet wine, similar in alcoholic content to sherry. It is drunk well chilled. The fiesta is held in the Plaza de la Ermita de San Vicente Ferrer and has the customary procession, music and dancing, with the added bonus of an opportunity to taste the mistela.

The Moors and Christians fiesta, the other main festival in Moraira, takes place on the 3rd weekend in June. It is a re-enactment of the story of the Moors invasion of Spain, and how the Christians tried to remove them. To portray this there are colourful parades and extravagant costumes for the participants. The fiesta starts with the Moors attacking and capturing the castle - real gunpowder adds veracity to the canons and guns used. The following day the Christians retake their castle - another excuse for guns and gunpowder.
In the week that follows there are daily parades with each "Fila" (a traditional group) flying their distinctive flags and displaying their costumes. The bands supply mood music, Christian or Moorish according to their patron.
On the Sunday evening all the Filas, both Moors and Christians, parade in full costume, on decorated floats.

The Annual Fiesta Programme - Moraira and surrounding towns

Moraira 3 Kings Festival Jan 5th. Parade of floats for Los Reyes.
  Moors & Christians Fiesta is on 3rd weekend of June
  Holy Fountain Fiesta is in 1st week July
  Patron Saint of Moraira Fiesta is on 15th & 16th July
Teulada Patron Saint of Teulada Festival is on the Week after Easter
  Moscatel Wine Fiesta is at the End of August
Calpe Patron Saint of Calpe Fiesta is on 4th - 10th August
  Moors & Christians Festival is 19 - 22nd October
Benissa Moors & Christians Festival is Last weekend June
Fustera A Beach Fiesta takes place on the 1st week September. Fustera is a tiny community just south of Moraira.
Valencia Area Fallas de San Jose on 19th March. Saint Jose is the patron saint of the State of Valencia. Huge wax and papier mäché effigies are carried through the streets of all the main towns, then burnt. In Alicante and Valencia there are particularly large displays. The nearest towns to Moraira that have Fallas parades are Denia and Benidorm
Javea Patron Saint of Javea Festival 28th April - 3rd May Street parades, fireworks, bull-running
  Moors & Christians Fiesta is last week of July
  Harbour Festival is from 30th August - 8th September - This is the fiesta of the Aduanas (Customs and Excise) . It is held in the Javea Port Area and is based on the Moors & Christians story.

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